Holy Week in the Orthodox Church – Darkness to Light – Part 2

The Resurrection Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church, Orange, CT. Photograph © Patric Marchitto
The Harrowing of Hades

This is lesson 2 of our introduction to Holy Week in the Orthodox Church. This segment begins with Holy Thursday and completes Holy Week and the discusses Resurrection of Our Lord. I wish you a blessed Holy Week and a Glorious Pascha. God Bless and Kali Anastasi….Dn G

St. Lazarus, The Man Who Lived Twice

St Lazarus

The Life of St Lazarus from Trisagion Films:

On this Saturday of Lazarus, we can learn more of the Righteous Lazarus, the Friend of Christ whom He raised from the tomb. Join us for all the Holy Week Services streamed live from Transfiguration, Greek Orthodox Church, Austin TX at transfiguration.org


Have a blessed day and a prayerful Holy Week….dn g

Holy Week in the Orthodox Church – Darkness to Light Part 1

The Bridegroom of the Church:
“Behold the Bridegroom Comes in the Middle of the Night!”

This is part one of a journey with Christ through His Passion and Resurrection. This section begins with the Saturday of Lazarus through Great and Holy Wednesday. It is an introduction to the theology of the services, liturgical themes and customs of the week. It is hoped that this exploration allows for a better appreciation and understanding of the commemorations of Orthodox Christian Holy Week. Have a Blessed Week. Please Join us as we stream live the Holy Week Services from Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church, Austin TX (@transfiguration.org)