Dn. George is a speaker and lecturer whose classes combine learning and awareness that life is a spiritual journey for each unique soul. All classes are accompanied by hand-outs for every participant. You may download and view sample extracts from PowerPoint presentations used in Dn. George’s classes using the links below:

Classes are also available on the following topics:
  • Narrated Instructional Divine Liturgy
  • The Bible, Prayer, and Holy Tradition
  • Sacramental and Mystical Life in the Church
  • The mysteries (each a separate presentation)
    • Baptism and Chrismation
    • The Eucharist – A Study of the Divine Liturgy
    • The Mysteries of Healing – Penance and Holy Unction
    • Marriage and Holy Orders
  • What we See and Do in the Orthodox Church
  • A Cloud of Witnesses – The Thotokos, Church Fathers, and the Saints
  • The Creed (in two parts)
  • Travelling through Church History (in two parts)
  • The Resurrection and the Second Coming
These are only a sampling. Please contact Dn. George for details and design for your own needs.]]>