Fr. George provides presentations at retreats. The contents feature history, basic beliefs, scripture, hymns, poetry and iconography of the Church. 
Also included in the retreats are homilies specific to the lectionary of the calendar, which ties to the topic.  Specific topics can be designed for your own needs. See examples of retreats below. They are all a combination of PowerPoint and Bible Study.

Orthodoxy: A Primer

  • History of the Church: The Cliff Notes
  • The Creed : What we believe
  • The Sacraments: The Sanctification of Life
  • Feasts and Fasts: A way of Life
  • The Virgin and the Saints

The Divine Liturgy:

  • Services in Preparation for the Divine Liturgy
    • KAIRO
    • MATINS
  • The Office of Preparation in Depth
  • The Liturgy of the Catechumens
  • The Liturgy of the Faithful
  • Memorial Services and Blessing of the Loaves

The Theotokos and Great Lent:

  • The Annunciation:  Bible Study and Icons
  • The Akathist Hymn: Poetry and Icons
  • The Lament of the Theotokos – Kontakion by St. Romanos the Melodist – The Virgin and Holy Week

 The Incarnation:

  • Prophets Kings and Priests:  Old Testament – Expecting the Messiah
  • Christ with Us   Liturgical study
  • Christ Being Born within Us:   The Church and Incarnation
  • Taking Christ to the World – Mission and Orthodoxy

Orthodoxy:  A Way of Life

  • The Holistic Life
  • Bible Study – Thanksgiving in Life
  • The Icon: Life Transfigured
  • Resurrection and The Second Coming of Our Lord – The Beginning of Life

The Icon: History and Theology

  • History of the Image – Early Precursors and Beginnings
  • Theology of Image
  •  Iconoclasm and the Triumph of Orthodoxy
  • The Image of God – A Bible Study
  • Theology of Space: Art and Architecture of the Orthodox  Temple
  • Theology of Particular Icons

Please contact Fr. George for details.