Welcome to Orthodox Praxis!

This is the website and blog of Dn. George P. Bithos.  Praxis can be defined as an “action, practice or the conventional conduct”.  Originally, it conveyed the meaning of passing through or experiencing.  This “experiencing” is what I hope you take away from this site, because Orthodox Christianity is an experience, a life experience.  

It is my hope that as you visit this site it will become a way of learning about Orthodoxy.  My intent is and will continue to be sharing the faith with you.  Feel free to browse through the website using the links at the top right.  If I read something of interest, I promise to share it with you, in turn; you may share your thoughts and comments through the moderated blog below.  Visit often and let’s learn together!  May God Bless you always and as St. John Chrysostom said, “Glory to God in all things!”